Whatchu Meme?

MEME MEME MEME!!! What are the true meanings behind them?? Coming from the Greek word mimema (meaning imitated) was introduced in 1976 founded by British biologist Richard Dawkins, coming from his work called The Selfish Gene. In the beginning when the term meme first came about, a lot of people including myself assumed it was pronounced just how it looks, (Me-Me). Thank goodness for translators and the internet on the correction on how you’re really suppose to pronounce it. As I did more and more research on meme’s, I found them to be quite intriguing if I may add.

Enthymeme’s are produced by the speaker and the audience. As we see meme’s in our world today, they’re mainly used from a comical stand point. I find myself looking at photos and creating my own meme concepts with those photos. There are a variety of memes that are always circulating. When I say that, its of course referring to the same photo, but different analogies. For example, the grumpy cat meme has been the most popular meme out there.

The grumpy cat made its appearance back in 2012, with the original name of “Tarder Sauce.” Grumpy gained fame after her owner posted a picture online, making her a viral sensation. The emotional aspect of the grumpy cat meme gives the audience a slight feel of “I really don’t want to be bothered right now.” Which can be anyone on any giving day. From the slanted eyes, to the frowned face, grumpy cat meme uses precise context that takes the audience on a comical journey.


I created a meme of my own…

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