The Hero Way

What do they mean to you?

“And then a hero comes along, with the strength to carry on.”

I know a lot of you started singing that song in your head while reading it right? Or even doing a nice soft hum……

“Hero” performed by Mariah Carey in 1993, to this day still remains one of her top songs performed. If you listen and pay close attention to the words, you will get an understanding that heroes are powerful people, who come from all over the world to express or show what their made of. Whether it be fictional or non fictional. The term Hero is described as someone who is admired or idealized for courage and outstanding achievements, which stems from the term “Heroism.” I find myself everyday experiencing the greatness from others and the positivity that they share. We see individuals make sacrifices in order to save or make a life better or purposeful for someone else. The Slate expresses that hero means everything and nothing. It encompasses the firefighters who rushed into the burning twin towers. The highly specific, armor-bright figure of classical myth that has grown right in front of our faces. When you think of that term, different individuals come to mind. To get started, I want to show you all a survey conducted that showed the variety of answers given from those of all ages, on who they considered heroic figures. People who they know and do not know. It was great to get feedback on everyone’s response, due to the simple fact that the responses varied for MOST.