Rosie the Riveter-We can do it!

How often do we get to that point where convincing someone or even trying to make a point just becomes a complete drag? In todays world evidence is the key to all individual and group perspectives. Ethos, Pathos, Logos and Kairos are our guidance to rhetorical appeals. The Digital Writer, by Sean Morey, breaks down each concept and what each concept represents. Let’s take a look!

  • EthosĀ is the trust behind what the author is saying to the audience. As writes/composers, our audience/viewers are expecting us to be able to provide that evidence with supporting facts.
  • Pathos is the emotions that come with persuading the audience. There have been a variety of blogs, articles, etc., that have brought so many different emotions while reading and getting all the information needed either to help me or hinder me from whatever.
  • Logos is the logic and proof. Having the proper back-up/resources is very important in order to become a legit writer.
  • Kairos represent the timing. It’s just like using social media as your barrier. When it comes to a post, you always know when its the right time to make that post or tweet. We are so equipped in this world that we understand societies every move and when they’re expecting to see something new.

Of course with each of these connections, I would like to present some artifacts that will help with some understanding…

Great day to be a strong woman!

The famous “We Can Do It!” WWII poster that was created in the 1940’s is still a big hit today as we speak. It creates the idea that women really are strong individuals and can handle anything thrown at them. Looking at the photo is appealing because it shows all aspects of the 4 rhetorical techniques.

The Ethos of the poster gives that strong character and authority of a woman. It shows that while the men are away at war, that the women aren’t just working fulltime in the factories, but they can be trusted to take care of home while the men are away during wartime.

Pathos is the sense of emotions and the photo of this women shows it all. Not just because she lived all the way up until her 80’s, but because her iconic photo created a legacy. Her poster, clothes and facial expressions gives women that extra push to be as strong and to understand that yes, we can do it!

The logic or logos behind it expresses that males aren’t just the only ones that are capable of working hard while making a name for themselves, but also women. It shows true female patriotism and work ethic. According to the History Network, more than 310,000 women worked in the aircraft industry, making up 65 percent of the industry’s total workforce.

This ad came out in great timing, which gives us Kairos. When it comes down to this last technique, the right timing is everything. During the WWII, there was a wide gap in the labor industry that caused women to jump in and help. In order to keep the enthusiasm and women working, Rosie the Riveter made the iconic government poster in order to continue to recruitment women in the munitions industry.



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