Story Ideas

Full-Time Worker

My first story talks about my years as a full-time employee working 40hrs a week. It can be a struggle while being a fulltime student as well, but I have been able to manage to get through it. I’ve been with this company for about 5 years now and it has been an amazing journey.

Healthier Lifestyle

My next story is all about my fitness journey. Its has been a constant struggle trying to stay healthy and fit with my busy schedule. I have finally gotten to the point where I made the decision to be consistent with a healthier lifestyle. I have to say that I am satisfied with what I have achieved so far.

Family & Friends

The third story is expressing the love I have for family and friends. I’m was never the kind of person to pick up the phone everyday to call, but I am at the point and age where I love and want to make that a habit. Because family and friends are the best thing someone could ever ask for.

Better Savings

I believe at a certain time in your life, it is a must to become smart and responsible about your finances. This story will showcase techniques and ways that I developed in order to spend money the smart way and save for the better.

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