My Immersive Experience – Celebrating a Milestone

When it comes down to celebrating our own events, for most individuals, it can be easy breezy. You know what you want and who you want there in attendance. How about the celebration of someone else’s event? Someone who is as close to you as anyone else? I know, we all have individuals who are very close to us and are willing to do anything to make them smile. I myself am referring to my mother. It took some planning in order to make this milestone celebration a very important.

It’s a blessing to make it to your 60th birthday. As a daughter, I had to put aside a lot of other activities for months so that the party would be a success. This was a journey/experience that I’ve never encountered before in my life. Taking the time to help plan this celebration took a lot of hard work and creativity. Especially a birthday as turning 60. The venue had to be perfect, the d├ęcor needed to sparkle and the guest list had to be in place. This was the time to show my favorite girl how important she was to me by creating a memory that she would never forget. Take a look inside the experience of a lifetime….

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