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It’s no mystery that I will always look at my parents and my grandmother as my heroic figures. I mean, you can’t blame them. No matter what, they have always been by my side through thick and thin. There have been plenty of times where I made the decision to act out and not listen to anyone. They were the ones that made sure I finally got my ACT together, so that I could become the woman I am today.


However, I have developed a strong heroic like for one of my favorite television host, Ellen DeGeneres. She’s a hero due to the fact that she carries majority of the characteristics that heroes develop. Once again, heroes are not born, they are built into it. Ellen is a role model that would give the shirt off her back if she needed to. She always giving to different charities and schools, that help kids in the future to attend college. No matter how many times you watch her show, expect to have tears in your eyes by the end of the show.

Ellen DeGeneres





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