Community Practices and Reading

I must say, being an internet junkie has it’s perks. Every bit of digital information that is needed is found online. Whether it is through articles, blogs or even social media. The first thing we allow ourselves to do is search the world wide web for all the advice, updates and information that we “hear” from other individuals that can help us in some kind of way. The question is, is all good internet reading good? Well, I’m sure we all can say that it really depends on what a person is researching, right? As human beings, we know what should not be believed and what is true. For me, it is all about what gets my attention and what is going to cause a variety of emotions once I’m done reading and writing my opinions.

           What should I search today?


My top 3 community online sources are Fitness Blogs, TMZ and social media wise, Instagram. When I’m not working or doing school work, these sites keep me occupied with a world wind of topics to chose from. Fitness is a major new thing that a lot of people are getting themselves into. This draws my attention because it helps explain what is the proper way to exercise or healthier food options to choose from. Whatever happens as far as celebrity news, TMZ is the first gossip site (and television show) to have the scoop. I find myself laying in bed sometimes and just going straight to the app, because I know it will keep me entertained until I am able to fall asleep. Instagram is what I like to call, all in one. I call it that because it has your entertainment for images, testimonies, surprises and MORE! All three of these sites inform, define, explain and propose arguments in language that get the attention of the world. They are conveying information for the readers to engage in, that will provide an outcome of an analysis in the end. I find myself more responsive in the social media world, because of the step by step arguments that are able to make me aware of what I am ready or digitally responding to.


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