Whatchu Meme?

MEME MEME MEME!!! What are the true meanings behind them?? Coming from the Greek word mimema (meaning imitated) was introduced in 1976 founded by British biologist Richard Dawkins, coming from his work called The Selfish Gene. In the beginning when the term meme first came about, a lot of people including myself assumed it was pronounced just how it looks, (Me-Me). Thank goodness for translators and the internet on the correction on how you’re really suppose to pronounce it. As I did more and more research on meme’s, I found them to be quite intriguing if I may add.

Enthymeme’s are produced by the speaker and the audience. As we see meme’s in our world today, they’re mainly used from a comical stand point. I find myself looking at photos and creating my own meme concepts with those photos. There are a variety of memes that are always circulating. When I say that, its of course referring to the same photo, but different analogies. For example, the grumpy cat meme has been the most popular meme out there.

The grumpy cat made its appearance back in 2012, with the original name of “Tarder Sauce.” Grumpy gained fame after her owner posted a picture online, making her a viral sensation. The emotional aspect of the grumpy cat meme gives the audience a slight feel of “I really don’t want to be bothered right now.” Which can be anyone on any giving day. From the slanted eyes, to the frowned face, grumpy cat meme uses precise context that takes the audience on a comical journey.


I created a meme of my own…

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My Immersive Experience – Celebrating a Milestone

When it comes down to celebrating our own events, for most individuals, it can be easy breezy. You know what you want and who you want there in attendance. How about the celebration of someone else’s event? Someone who is as close to you as anyone else? I know, we all have individuals who are very close to us and are willing to do anything to make them smile. I myself am referring to my mother. It took some planning in order to make this milestone celebration a very important.

It’s a blessing to make it to your 60th birthday. As a daughter, I had to put aside a lot of other activities for months so that the party would be a success. This was a journey/experience that I’ve never encountered before in my life. Taking the time to help plan this celebration took a lot of hard work and creativity. Especially a birthday as turning 60. The venue had to be perfect, the décor needed to sparkle and the guest list had to be in place. This was the time to show my favorite girl how important she was to me by creating a memory that she would never forget. Take a look inside the experience of a lifetime….

Toothpaste over the years…

According to Spear Education, the use of toothpaste has been a major part of hygiene since 5000 BC. Growing up, as kids we were told to make sure we keep our teeth clean and healthy. Regardless of the product used, it was a mandatory daily routine to brush our teeth every morning and night before bedtime. From starting out as what people may know as dental cream or tooth powder for quite sometime, over the years toothpaste products/brands have made its mark through many different advertisements. Showing us what toothpaste is great in order to stop cavities, have fresher breathe and keep our smiles white and bright. Check out my slideshow below to see the different kinds of ads over the years used to promote toothpaste brands.

Community Practices and Reading

I must say, being an internet junkie has it’s perks. Every bit of digital information that is needed is found online. Whether it is through articles, blogs or even social media. The first thing we allow ourselves to do is search the world wide web for all the advice, updates and information that we “hear” from other individuals that can help us in some kind of way. The question is, is all good internet reading good? Well, I’m sure we all can say that it really depends on what a person is researching, right? As human beings, we know what should not be believed and what is true. For me, it is all about what gets my attention and what is going to cause a variety of emotions once I’m done reading and writing my opinions.

           What should I search today?


My top 3 community online sources are Fitness Blogs, TMZ and social media wise, Instagram. When I’m not working or doing school work, these sites keep me occupied with a world wind of topics to chose from. Fitness is a major new thing that a lot of people are getting themselves into. This draws my attention because it helps explain what is the proper way to exercise or healthier food options to choose from. Whatever happens as far as celebrity news, TMZ is the first gossip site (and television show) to have the scoop. I find myself laying in bed sometimes and just going straight to the app, because I know it will keep me entertained until I am able to fall asleep. Instagram is what I like to call, all in one. I call it that because it has your entertainment for images, testimonies, surprises and MORE! All three of these sites inform, define, explain and propose arguments in language that get the attention of the world. They are conveying information for the readers to engage in, that will provide an outcome of an analysis in the end. I find myself more responsive in the social media world, because of the step by step arguments that are able to make me aware of what I am ready or digitally responding to.


Rosie the Riveter-We can do it!

How often do we get to that point where convincing someone or even trying to make a point just becomes a complete drag? In todays world evidence is the key to all individual and group perspectives. Ethos, Pathos, Logos and Kairos are our guidance to rhetorical appeals. The Digital Writer, by Sean Morey, breaks down each concept and what each concept represents. Let’s take a look!

  • Ethos is the trust behind what the author is saying to the audience. As writes/composers, our audience/viewers are expecting us to be able to provide that evidence with supporting facts.
  • Pathos is the emotions that come with persuading the audience. There have been a variety of blogs, articles, etc., that have brought so many different emotions while reading and getting all the information needed either to help me or hinder me from whatever.
  • Logos is the logic and proof. Having the proper back-up/resources is very important in order to become a legit writer.
  • Kairos represent the timing. It’s just like using social media as your barrier. When it comes to a post, you always know when its the right time to make that post or tweet. We are so equipped in this world that we understand societies every move and when they’re expecting to see something new.

Of course with each of these connections, I would like to present some artifacts that will help with some understanding…

Great day to be a strong woman!

The famous “We Can Do It!” WWII poster that was created in the 1940’s is still a big hit today as we speak. It creates the idea that women really are strong individuals and can handle anything thrown at them. Looking at the photo is appealing because it shows all aspects of the 4 rhetorical techniques.

The Ethos of the poster gives that strong character and authority of a woman. It shows that while the men are away at war, that the women aren’t just working fulltime in the factories, but they can be trusted to take care of home while the men are away during wartime.

Pathos is the sense of emotions and the photo of this women shows it all. Not just because she lived all the way up until her 80’s, but because her iconic photo created a legacy. Her poster, clothes and facial expressions gives women that extra push to be as strong and to understand that yes, we can do it!

The logic or logos behind it expresses that males aren’t just the only ones that are capable of working hard while making a name for themselves, but also women. It shows true female patriotism and work ethic. According to the History Network, more than 310,000 women worked in the aircraft industry, making up 65 percent of the industry’s total workforce.

This ad came out in great timing, which gives us Kairos. When it comes down to this last technique, the right timing is everything. During the WWII, there was a wide gap in the labor industry that caused women to jump in and help. In order to keep the enthusiasm and women working, Rosie the Riveter made the iconic government poster in order to continue to recruitment women in the munitions industry.



Everyday Rhetoric

According to BYU: What Is Rhetoric? It can be a lot of things. Rhetoric is the everyday persuasion in order to get another persons acceptance to what is being brought to their attention. I myself have experienced rhetoric almost every single day of my life. In order to get someone to sell the idea to me, it has to be pretty darn convincing.

For Example, working out. If you have not noticed yet, being fit is a everyday visual rhetoric. Especially in the social media world. We are always being reminded constantly about crash dieting, what we should be eating and what we should not to eat. Or what our bodies would look like if we just were to put the burgers and fries down. Yes, I agree that it can all seem scary once actual research is done on it. When it comes to being more fit and healthier, fitness blogs are always there as rhetoric to guide us. I also believe that instead of the constant pressure of looking a certain way. A person should be able to take the time to learn their bodies in their own timeframes in order to get to that fitness point.


Another one is of course the everyday rhetoric of drinking water. How often do we go to restaurants and the first thing they ask is, “Hello, can I start you off with some water?” “Can I get you a refill on your water?” Water is an absolute everyday rhetoric that gets our attention and persuasiveness on why it is so important to drink. Even as kids, parents made it known how important it was to drink drink drink up as much water as you can. A lot of schools today don’t even provide sodas as an option of beverage for kids. I know for me, It’s to the point where it really feels like some kind of guilt if 8 glasses of water is not included in my everyday life.

Proper Water Intake

If you were to ask yourself what’s one thing they can’t function without, what would that be? I know! I know! No other than our portable gadgets. With everything that is going on in the world today, our cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.. keep us updated 24/7. We use them for communication purposes and entertainment. It has been known that when someone leaves their phone at home, or even loses it, hearts are bound to drop! The thought of being without it for more than 8 hours seems like the toughest thing in the world to bare.

What Did I Miss?