Built Not Born

Heroes are not born, they are built. According to OutsideLine, the Greeks didn’t just sit around hoping that heroes to make an appearance. They built their own. They strongly believed that heroism was an art, and not an accident. This with skills passed down form one another. For them, being a hero was not about being brave; it was about having so much confidence that bravery wasn’t even going to be an issue. For this experience, I did a quick survey to get the opinions from others from different age groups and their view points on who is considered heroic to them. With the same questions asked, I did get different answers and opinions that I would expect them to provide, just based on the age gap. With this, we see that each person or character stated, had to be built into that heroic figure just like the article explained.

Heroic Figures Survey




Now, that you were able to see the results from the interview, lets take a look at who sees who as their heroic figure.

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